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Title: In Summer Grass
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Wordcount: ~6700
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death, angst
Summary: The people Harry loved had a funny way of dying—so why should it be so strange that he fall in love with a dead man?
A/N (original): THANK YOU to my brilliant, wonderful, patient betas [ profile] joanwilder and [ profile] scarlet_malfoy , who soothed my flailing and let me work on this right down to the wire, even though they had their own stuff to worry about. *squishes and adores you both to pieces* Additional note: certain sections of this AU are direct block quotes from the Harry Potter books. A list with specific credits is included as a footnote at the end.
*A/N: This is a re-post of my [ profile] hd_worldcup fic from 2009, prompt #15: He who can, does. He who can't, teaches the Dark Arts.[ profile] drippingcherry 's Reccing Post of Adorable made it occur to me that I should probably put it on my own journal at some point, 'cause I'm actually kind of proud of it and Worldcup was a wonderful experience. :) *pets it*

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Apr. 28th, 2009 08:04 pm
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My Worldcup fic is finally up!

*dances with glee*

Of course, it had to be on the day when I'm sick and don't have time to post about it until the middle of the night. *headdesk* But it's here! It does have character death and angst in the warnings, but c'mon, you guys know me. I'm too much of a fluffball to rip your hearts out for real! *smiles winningly*

Unless of course you like having your hearts ripped out, in which case I solemnly assure you it is full of darkness and despair. *nod nod*

...yeaaaah, I been takin' too many law classes this semester. XDDDD

Anyway! I think I've managed to reply to all the reviewers so far, so THANK YOU again to all y'all who've read it already, and to everyone else:please go check it out, and vote!

^_^ ♥

ETA: I've just finished reading the other two fics for today, and they were both great! So in the spirit of fellowship that only writing for the same prompt can create:

[profile] ashe_frost 's Saving the Lives of the Living (Team EWE) was absolutely beautiful. I've never read anything of hers before, and I'm absolutely floored by her writing style. It's both lyrical and precise, and her interpretation of the prompt was ace! It feels, to me at least, as though she took it in exactly the opposite direction I did--and I love the way she did it!

[profile] turningleft 's We Flood Empty Lakes (Team Epilogue) blew my mind.  The style is strange, experimental, and takes stunning advantage of the differences between writing for the computer screen as opposed to the printed page.  It really is full of darkness and despair, but of other things as well; it spans about forty years, and has all the rollercoaster emotion of what is, essentially, a lifetime, packed into just under 5,000 words.  Incredible.
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More Worldcup awesomeness!  This time from the lovely [ profile] sugareey , who drew Paths We Take.

It's sort of a comic thing (but not really), in FlashPlayer, and absolutely gorgeous.  I got to see some of the drawings while she was working on it, but the whole thing together is SO much better, and more beautiful, and the story she put together hit me really hard.  This?  This is the stuff that AU is made of, people.

So go watch, and vote, and give her some comment love! ^_^
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Wheee!  Another Worldcup Rec! Because even though I have zero time right now, I got to read a lot of Team AU's fics in the locker room and such and have been waiting for them to come up. *g*


Today (okay, more like yesterday, but cut  me some slack?) for your literary pleasure we have a absolutely delicious piece of Veela!fic by the stunning [profile] cyane_snape . It has mpreg, which I will freely admit is not really my cup of tea, but she makes a great show of it.  Besides, how can you resist a story whose official warnings consist of:



Well, obviously you can't, and will only hurt yourself trying. ^_^ So go on and check it out! And vote! And give her lots and lots of comment-y love, because Salazar knows she deserves it. ^_^
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First off: MASSIVE huggles to everyone who left such kind comments on the bitch post of doom the other guys are so wonderful and sweet and nice and supportive and make me feel so much better about this crazy semester.  *tons and tons of fluffy luffs*

But so.  There is this fic up for [ profile] hd_worldcup  today, by none other than the awesometastic [ profile] dacro .  And I got to read this fic, which is called Interpreting Draconis, before it went up because it was posted in the Team AU locker room.

And OMG.  I have been waiting and waiting for it to finally go up, because I think it's in the best tradition of AU and AR, and the things she does with the characters are incredible.  To me it also has the flavor of some of the [ profile] hp_10k  fics, because they're on my brain at the moment and because...well, you'll see when you read it, and it's not just because of the premise, either.  AND LOOK IT'S NOT ANGST! *beams*

So yeah.  Go read.  And vote!  Because voting is a wonderful thing, in the best democratic traditions of the free world, &c. &c.*nods*

...oh, come on, I gave you enough links to it! *g*

Wheee! ♥

Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:20 pm
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Okay, so I know Team AU might as well be nicknamed Team Angst for the tone of the last two entries, but [ profile] akiko88's absolutely delightful fic just saved us from the Pit of Despair! Woohoo!

Comfort After Pain clocks in at about 12,000 words, and every one of them is ROCKIN' ^_^ Even through the dips, it keeps up a relatively light-hearted tone; I was actually chuckling during one scene when Harry and Draco were snapping at each other! So if you're in the mood for something a little less heart-rending, go over and give this girl some love! And vote, of course...but mostly make with the loving! XD

Yes, yes I did mean it like that. 'Cause it just put me in that good of a mood. ^_~


Apr. 1st, 2009 06:19 pm
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WAHEY! [ profile] hd_worldcup posting has started and that means pimping like mad is gonna be going on ALL over the place, at least judging by my friends page! *laughs* So at the risk of overloading y'all just a bit, let me point you in the direction of [ profile] chyldofeternity 's fic Six Years, first up for Team AU! ^_^

Now, fair warning: it has character death, which somehow didn't make it into the original warnings for the fic and I know came as a bit of a nasty shock to some of the first readers. The oversight's since been corrected, so definitely go check it out now! I got to read it before it went up officially and I just fell in love with it--and I almost NEVER read angst, so that oughta tell you something! *prods f-list*

Anyway, go read, vote, and keep an eye on the worldcup comm for the AU awesomeness that is yet to come!! *bounces excitedly*


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